Eng Breaking – An effective self-learning English communication course utilizing a practice-based learning approach

With a mission to help millions of learners master English, the Eng Breaking English curriculum simplifies and breaks down all barriers in the self-learning process. Eng Breaking believes that regardless of your background or proficiency level, you can fully take command of English.

Eng Breaking offers the finest products to make learning, working, and living simpler and more efficient for everyone.

According to Ethnologue’s statistics in 2023, English stands as the most widely spoken language globally, with over 1.4 billion English speakers and 372.9 million native speakers. English has transformed from being merely advantageous to becoming a universal language.

This is precisely why Eng Breaking emerged and continues to flourish, aiming to facilitate English learning for speakers of Indo languages.

After over a year of research and development, Eng Breaking was officially launched in 2017. Following that milestone, in 2020, the Eng Breaking App – an English learning platform gamified for interactive learning – was introduced. This innovative approach combined the Practical Methodology, Gamification principles, and AI voice recognition technology to establish a standardized learning program within an engaging and interactive learning environment for the learning community.

The Practical Methodology, based on hands-on learning, enables learners to practice directly instead of solely relying on textbooks, thus enhancing effectiveness, given that English is a language used for daily communication, requiring frequent application,” shared Mr. Nguyen Tien Nam, Director of the Eng Breaking Self-Study English Center – the entity behind the shared application.

Practice-based learning facilitates more effective learning than ever before.

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Emphasizing self-learning as its foundation, coupled with cutting-edge technologies, Eng Breaking has evolved into one of the comprehensive English communication courses, trusted by 567,300 learners to date. Expanding beyond the Indo region, Eng Breaking has made a longstanding presence in various Asian countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, etc.

With the aspiration to become a supportive tool, making the process of learning English more user-friendly, effective, and structured, Eng Breaking has devised a detailed and systematic learning pathway for learners.

At the commencement of the course, Eng Breaking initiates with an initial assessment system, aiding learners in understanding their current proficiency level. You will be evaluated on vocabulary, listening, speaking skills, allowing you to ascertain your current standing within the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), ranging from A1 to B2.

Why is accurate pronunciation necessary before practicing speaking?

Most people believe that the inability to communicate stems from inadequate vocabulary or uncertain grammar knowledge. However, what’s often overlooked is the significance of mastering correct pronunciation, which can also be a crucial factor leading to difficulties in expressing oneself clearly. Incorrect pronunciation can result in misunderstandings, ridicule, communication breakdowns, and subsequently, a loss of confidence in speaking. This fear of speaking incorrectly often inhibits individuals from even attempting to communicate.

At Eng Breaking, in order to establish a foundation of 40 standard American English IPA sounds, learners must follow a structured pathway consisting of three stages: Core Pronun – Fundamental Pronunciation, Deep Pronun – In-depth Pronunciation, and Advanced Pronun – Advanced Pronunciation. This progression is facilitated through 72 pronunciation tutorial videos, offering comprehensive insights from native-speaking instructors.

The application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology aids learners in voice recognition, detecting and rectifying specific pronunciation errors during speaking and pronunciation exercises

Efficient vocabulary learning has always been a challenging aspect for language learners.
In contrast to conventional learning methods, Eng Breaking has devised a diverse gaming system designed around the Spaced Repetition technique, coupled with visual and contextual vocabulary acquisition. This method has proven to be exceptionally effective in accelerating learning and fostering longer-term retention. It aids in recalling information with less time and effort expended, facilitating quicker memorization while ensuring a more enduring grasp of the material

Breaking the Ice – The complete English communication set with the trio of Deep Listening, Catch-up Speaking, and Raiped Response

The exclusive trio – Immersive Listening, Fluent Speaking, and Reflexive Multidirectional Response – has been synonymous with Eng Breaking’s success since its inception. These three methodologies contribute significantly to enhancing English communication skills.

Learners gradually acquaint themselves with native English at an appropriate slow pace, engaging in concise content. These conversations are centered around everyday English rather than academic language, covering common topics such as travel, shopping, sports, education, aiming to equip learners with speaking skills in practical communication scenarios that are easy to understand. This approach is highly suitable for beginners and those starting from scratch.

Through this, learners can easily match the pace, adopt accurate pronunciation, intonation, and vocabulary, thereby honing their speaking skills to resemble a native speaker.

Mastery in foreign language communication always begins with getting ‘comfortable with the tongue.’

If you rarely have the chance to speak, how can you converse naturally without hesitation or stumbling when encountering someone from a different country?

Despite being a self-learning course, this application has a distinct advantage in its gamification feature. It prevents learners from feeling isolated or bored; instead, it fosters one-on-one interactions, challenges, and engages with over 567,300 fellow learners in Southeast Asia. Together, they compete and build an active learning community.

Learn English through challenge games with 567.300 learners in Southeast Asia

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In the near future, Eng Breaking will apply Blockchain technology to allow learners to receive unique NFTs and rewards with real value during the learning process and learning tasks. This is the “Learn to earn” feature – rare in any learning application in the world.

Mr. Nguyen Tien Nam, Project Director of Eng Breaking, stated: ‘Eng Breaking’s philosophy views learning English pronunciation and speaking akin to playing games. Just as you indulge in electronic games, striving for rankings, engaging in challenges keeps you hooked. You can passionately play for hours, regardless of winning or losing, and importantly, you’re not afraid of making mistakes or being judged; you solely focus on the ultimate goal of victory. For us, practicing English works similarly.’

English is the gateway to future success, offering numerous opportunities for the youth. Hence, our ambitious goal is to assist 1 billion young individuals in achieving English proficiency within just 3 months. We’re steadily progressing on that path!

Dengan Eng Breaking, kami percaya bahwa: hanya latihan mendengarkan, berbicara, dan menggabungkan mendengarkan – berbicara menjadi refleks.

Anda akan percaya diri berbahasa Inggris hanya setelah 3 bulan belajar mandiri.

Cari Tahu Eng Breaking Sekarang Lancar berkomunikasi bahasa Inggris hanya setelah 3 bulan belajar mandiri

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